Remaining Calm Under Pressure Made Easy

It’s easy to be calm when everything is going perfectly for us. But when things go south, remaining calm becomes “mission impossible” and you can’t even remember what it feels like to be calm.

What about motivation? We need motivation to get us past troubles and issues that arise, but how to we feel motivated in chaos? Don’t worry, these kinds of situations happen to all of us. Even the most successful people have problems finding their cool when things go wrong.

Here are a couple of things you can start doing and applying to your life to make sure you remain cool under pressure and regain the strength to keep on moving:

Do It Differently

Approach problems from a different perspective. You won’t be able to solve them with the same perspective that you created the problems in, so try taking on a different view. Think about your problems and just try to come up with different solutions until you get to a solution that fits perfectly.

What Are The Facts?

Chaotic life events may take away our realistic point of view, making things seem bigger than they actually are. It’s very important to sometimes just take a step back from it all. Before you jump to any conclusions or assumptions make sure you know the facts of your situation. Stop creating problems where there aren’t any, and be realistic about them.

Just Breath

Something has just happened and you feel like you need to react to it. Instead of diving in with your first reaction, just take a deep breath and “delay” your reaction. Delay it for another time, one in which you are calm and thinking straight. Sometimes things catch us off guard, and it’s too easy to go in emotionally.

It’s Your Responsibility

In order to gain power over your own life, to gain the power to control even the most unexpected situations, you need to take complete responsibility of your life and everything that goes on in it and around it, including the good and the bad. When you blame other people or things for the bad in your life, it means you expect other people or things to bring the good too, which means you have no control or power over your own life. Accept that it is completely up to you to make you happy.

The next time life throws you another unexpected event, you’ll know exactly how to react and you’ll be keeping your cool.

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