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Dear Friend,

You don’t have to pretend that everything’s alright, with me at least, I know that you’re troubled and disappointed in life as much as everyone else. We go about our daily lives telling ourselves and others that “everything is fine”, “things are just the way they should be”, when we know deep inside that they aren’t.

They are far from “fine”.

We are expected to work for 60-82 hours a week for at least 40 years and for what? Just to make some CEO or a bunch of faceless corporations rich? So they can live the life you want while you do all the work?

But we are expected to keep our heads down and work, we are told every day that if we work “hard enough” and “give 110%”, we will get the promotions and the salaries…

But we never do, or if we do get them they are always far less than we deserve and always come with many strings attached.

So what can be done about it?

That is the way of the world and there’s nothing you can do about it…

But what if I told you that there is something that you can do, not to change the whole world perhaps, but you can change YOUR world and YOUR life.

First, keep in mind that you must…

“Never Give Up On Your Dreams, No Matter How Impossible They Seem”

My name is Nancy Showalter, and I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.

I want to share with you how I managed to turn my life around. How I became one of the carefree people that no longer worry about deadlines, bosses, mortgages or anything else that used to cause me so much frustration.

In 2008, I retired from my job as the manager of an inbound call center in the Midwest and my husband and I, whom I have been married to for 38 years, reinvented our lives in beautiful Ecuador, South America!

It is from our beautiful, serene home in the mountains that we continue our life’s work of helping others rediscover who they really are and to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

I have three wonderful sons and two grandsons who live in the States. And here in Ecuador, we have chickens, ducks and an adorable cat.

I am a leader in a spiritual non-profit and have 30+ years working with 3 different non-profits as a manager, international speaker and trainer. I am a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. When launching that business, I organized and conducted a 26-day video tele-summit where I interviewed 26 experts.

I have authored 2 mini books in the personal development and spiritual niches, and am currently working on one for the IM business that is focused on mindset for success.

I’m really sorry if I’m bragging, but my passion is to help you have your own life-changing moment, just as I did, and I can’t help but feel proud of myself for achieving success after years at a soul-crushing corporate job.

“You Never Know What Is Waiting For You Around The Corner”

You see things didn’t always go so well for me. I was once much like all the other people, only a cog in the corporate machine. I busted my ass working and could barely make ends meet. There were mortgages, car payments, bills, insurance… God, so many bills but never enough money.

And what’s worse, there was never any time for me to spend with my loved ones. My work was consuming not only my energy, but my time and happiness. I needed some other way of providing for my family that wouldn’t involve me losing my health and my sanity.

About that time is when I started involving myself with spiritual movements and really getting into yoga and the pursuit of inner peace. I was always very spiritual, but it wasn’t until I really committed myself that I could see that I needed a drastic change. If I was to be happy, I needed to quit my job and reassess my life…

But how could I do that?

If I left my job I wouldn’t be able to provide for my family, I would lose my house and God knows what else.

That is when I realized…

Sometimes You Have To Make That Blind Leap Of Faith In Order To Achieve Success And Happiness

And I did…

I’d been hearing about online marketing and the success people have been having with it for years, but I never really believed it was possible for me. It just seemed too farfetched and like I couldn’t handle it.

But I was confident and determined to change my life and nothing would stand in my way…

Except all of the things that did… My determination and positive attitude were great, but that simply couldn’t change the fact that the online marketing business is littered with scam-artists, frauds and false experts that prey on the inexperienced.

They present themselves as internet “gurus” and sell “schemes” and “systems” that cost thousands of dollars and promise millions, but never deliver on their promises. Most of them can’t even get you the money you paid for them back in profits.

I struggled to achieve success using their products, spending thousands of dollars and not getting nearly enough in return. I was getting more and more desperate until I remembered why I started doing this.

It wasn’t just about money, it was about making it on my own and taking charge of my life. So I threw away all the useless “systems” and decided to make one of my own.

And after some very tough and uncertain times, I finally had it, I had my…

Home Business Gameplan

“The Only System That Is Guaranteed To Work And That Is Guaranteed To Change Your Life”

You see in order to make my own system I had to start from scratch, I had to forget all about the products I used so far. Even though some of them were somewhat effective, they all had the same flaw, they couldn’t adapt or grow.

What does that mean?

Well they couldn’t adapt to the changing circumstances and fluctuations in the market, so whenever something unpredictable happened, they would become useless.

But what was worse, they couldn’t scale and grow with your business. They had a fixed profit cap and just couldn’t be used to generate any more profits.

That is why I developed a system that is not only comprehensive, intuitive and easy to use, it is also scalable and elastic. It will grow along with your business and be able to provide you with as much profits as you are willing to work for.

Simply put – the more work you put in – the more you will make.

Here are just some of the things you’re going to find inside:

  • How to pick and choose sure-to-sell products that will bring you steady income
  • Exactly how to set up autoresponder emails, putting your business on autopilot so you can spend more time enjoying life
  • Precisely how to build the best, most powerful squeeze pages that will convert your visitors into big profits
  • And much, much more!




“This Is A Simple, Sure Way For Anyone To Make Their Dreams Come True”

I have spent a lot of time developing it because I wanted to make sure that it will be helpful to other people too, and not just me.

So, I gave it to some close friends and family to try out. None of them had any prior experience, and I was blown away by how easily they navigated the system.

Not only that, but they started getting some amazing results pretty quickly too!

As I’ve said before, my passion is to help you have your own life-changing moment, just as I did, and that is exactly why I am offering this to you NOW.

So don’t waste any more time being unsatisfied and unhappy with your current situation.

“Being A Businessman Myself, I Honestly Thought About Jacking Up The Price Of My Course, To About $284”

I didn’t set out to make money with my course.

It wasn’t exactly part of my plan.

But I would be lying if I didn’t admit that jacking up the price crossed my mind more than once.

Hey, if you knew you had something worth a million in your possession, wouldn’t you want to sell it at the highest possible price?

Come on, be realistic. Who wouldn’t?

Then again, that would just be in contrast with everything I stand for.

No, that’s really not my goal.

Beside wanting to share my solutions and experiences, I really want to make it accessible to the everyday man. How can I expect to do so if I jack the price up to almost $300?

This is why I decided for my prices to be rather symbolic.

This is why I am never going to charge you $300… not even $200… no, I’m actually going to be selling it for a measly $37!

Yup, that’s right… $37!

If you’re asking ‘Why so low?’ let me tell you something.

I feel like this ‘measly’ price stands for the universal opportunity for everyone to be able to reach their goals, dreams and achieve success.

Which is my goal.

To be able to provide my help to any reaching hand out there.



Your 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I invite you to use my
Home Business Gameplan course and create a rich money mindset to maximize your income by using my methods as much as you want in the next 60 days.

But in case you're not exactly thrilled with what I have to bring to the table, that is alright! I am prepared to give you a full refund, without even asking you why.

I believe you, you had your reasons, I won't take it personally.

You know why? Because I want to eliminate all chances of risk from your part, because my intentions are genuine.

I've been scammed before, so trust me, I don't intend to do the same with you. I just want to help!




My life will never be as it once was and I am happy for it. Only now do I realize just how much better life can be when you have both the time and the money to enjoy it. I hope you won’t wait too long to find out for yourself.

Nancy Showalter




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